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Therapeutic Crafters on Call

Therapeutic Crafters on Call (TCC) was founded to work with diverse groups that would benefit from learning crafting skills.  

Ellen Rubin is one of the founders and Creative Director of Therapeutic Crafters on Call (TCC). Although trained as a scientist, she has always had a creative streak, and has been teaching knitting and crocheting for more than twenty years in settings as diverse as local yarn shops and after-school programs in elementary schools.

In 2017, she opened LUV2KNIT & MORE, a full-service yarn store which is the base support for TCC.  Ellen says, "I am grateful that I can impart my love of knitting to others. With its scientifically-based benefits, students who learn to knit develop life-long skills and can experience the joys of creativity."

One of the first outreach efforts was teaching expectant mothers who were on medically required bed rest in a hospital setting. Nurses facing "compassion fatigue" found that knitting is a useful coping skill. Meeting in a library setting brings together people of different ages to learn together and to learn about each other in the process. 
TCC also works with young people such as Boy Scouts, students with emotional needs, and teen-age foster care clients.  Additional outreach includes veterans, cancer patients, and dialysis patients.

For more information please contact:

Yolanda Pressley, Managing Director
P: 267-908-4981

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Luv2Knit & More

Our mission is to help others learn the therapeutic arts of knitting, crochet, and other fiber medias and to encourage the building of communities through the meditative qualities of these fiber arts.